Ford Mustang, Shelby, and Boss Parts. We Only Offer the Best, Clean Original or Restored Parts for Your Car

Original NOS Wheels and tires – SOLD

Original assembly line take-off styled steel wheels and original date-coded Goodyear Polyglas tires. Perfect for that high-end restoration or thoroughbred missing these impossible-to-find pieces in one complete package.  

What's included:
A matched set of original styled steel wheels. Never repainted all original and all dated April 1969. Chrome on the wheels is spectacular and looks completely different than any of the reproduction wheels today. Backside of the wheels is as excellent as the front.
Original NOS center caps. Original Ford tags on all 4 of them are still attached.
NOS trim rings. Correct style with the brushed areas and not polished like the reproductions made today.
Original dated Goodyear no size Polylgas tires.  These are the tires that would have been used by Ford until about Nov 1969 (into the 1970 model year).  Excellent tread condition and all hold air with no issues.
Assembly line correct lug nuts that have been replated the correct cadmium finish. $6,500

1967 Mustang and Shelby Lower Control Arms

Restored original 1 year only lower control arms correct for a 1967 Mustang—all models including Shelby. This is a restored and ready-to-install set of lower control arms ideal for a concours restoration. Nothing like this made today this set is in excellent condition with some very minor pitting that would not be visible when installed. Note all the original assembly line processes used including the correct rivets and the paint runs (shown in photo) just like originals when they were dipped. Hard to find a part in this condition and easy to spot when judging a car.

Ford part number C7OZ-3078-B. $1,800

1965 and 1966 Shelby and Mustang Lower Control Arms and Tie Rod Set

Restored complete set of lower control arms correct for 1965 and 1966 Mustangs including Shelby. These are as close to the assembly line as possible and include the impossible-to-find original assembly line C5 control arm boots as shown.  Ready to install and perfect for that concours or thoroughbred restoration. Lower control arms have had the bushings replaced and have been dipped in paint (not spray painted) and show paint runs exactly the way the originals were done. Very hard to find these in this condition.  Control arms themselves are in excellent condition.

Also included is a full set of assembly line tie rods correct for manual steering V8 cars (1965 and 1966). The tie rods also include the original assembly line boots. $3,500

Original Bendix Master Cylinders – 1967 to 1971

Correct original assembly line master cylinders. Various date codes are available for both disc brake and drum brake applications with correct Bendix casting numbers and markings. Various date codes are available- these are cast in the body of the housing in a Julian Calendar format (001 to 365) and not year specific. Each master cylinder has been completely disassembled and rebuilt and is ready to paint and install. In stock and ready to ship.

Boss 429 casting/versions available as well (Inquire separately). $600 each

Rebuilt Original Smog Pumps – Ready to Ship

See "Smog Pump Page" for more details on the rebuild process. These are current inventory ready to ship and install and all are completely functional. These smog pumps are assembled and machined exactly as they were originally from the factory and are in working condition. Killer detail for a high-end restoration.

$950 each

Original Goodyear Polyglas Tires

Original date coded Goodyear Polyglas tires. Date codes from 1960's and early 1970's. F70-14 sizes. Perfect for thorobred, concours, or trailered cars and very limited quantities...once they are gone they are gone.

$750 per tire

Original 1969 Mustang Hoods

Original C9 assembly line hoods - uncut and rust free. One year only and was replaced in 1970 by the D0 style hood to accommodate hood locks. A must have for a high end restoration since it is the largest replaceable part on the car. None of the reproductions look like these.

Various conditions - Call for pricing

Original Master Cylinder Caps 1967 to 1973

Various original and NOS master cylinder caps for either disc and drum brake cars available.
NOS $250 each
Good clean original depending on version and condition $100 to $200

Original Hood Hinges

Original hood hinges date coded. Click on image for full list of available versions and date codes.

$75 per hood hinge

Original Styled Steel wheels - 1968 and 1969

Original dated set of styled steel wheels. These are correct for 1968 and 1969 Mustang and Ford depending on model and trim package. Most common would be 1969 Mach 1. Includes everything shown which is the wheels, trim rings and center caps. All original pieces and in very nice condition. Hard to find these not rusted and in good shape. Black section of the wheels would need to be repainted.

$800 for the complete set

NOS 1969 1970 Glass

NOS original Carlite glass that fits a 1969 and 1970 convertible or coupe. This piece is the drivers side and is dated April 1969. Very hard piece to find.


1968 Autolite Shocks

One NOS and one used original Autolite rear shocks for a 1968 Mustang. C8ZF-18080-F3

$400 for the set

Original Smog Pump S Hoses

Original smog pump S hoses in various conditions - limited supply.

$100 per hose

Original 1969 and 1970 Horns


Factory original 1969 and 1970 horns for Mustang, Boss, Shelby and Cougar. This style was never serviced by Ford. Rust free with no pitting each will clean up exceptionally nice. A must have for a very visible piece under the hood.

$40 each.

Click on image for full list of available date codes.

1969 and 1970 Front Turn Signal Housings


Assembly line turn signal housings for 1969 and 1970 Mustangs that have been restored to their original condition. Correct plating, wiring assemblies, attaching hardware, lenses, original painted bulbs and paper tag (1969 only). None of the Ford service parts or replacements ever looked close to the originals. 2 to 3 week availability.

$500 per set

1967 - 1970 Tie Rod Sets

Correct original tie rod sets detailed and ready for installation. Includes correct boots, and hardware and paint dabs (optional). Does not include adjusting sleeves. Will fit both Mustang and Cougar.

967-1969 $800 per set (includes left and right sides)
1970 and Boss $950 per set (includes left and right sides)

1969 and 1970 Front and Rear Bumpers

Factory original Ford front and rear bumpers.  Various date codes in inventory and available from 1968, 1969 and 1970 to match your build date.  Nothing fits like an original as reproduction bumpers do not have the same fit as factory originals and are easy to spot when installed on a car.  These bumpers would be rechromed and ready to install.  Allow 4 to 5 weeks once order is placed.

$850 per bumper

1969 Fuel Sender Extension Wire

Fuel sender extension wire that routes from the main tail light harness in the trunk to the fuel sender. Used on dual exhaust cars. Original Ford number is C9ZB-14406-B. This is an exact reproduction with the same original yellow/white wiring and connectors. Perfect to replace an original or damaged wire. Limited availability. Click on photo to enlarge.

$45 per wire

Original dated matched set of 65/66 Mustang hood hinges

Original matched pair of hood hinges correct for a 1965 or 1966 Mustang. Dated June 9 and June 29. Date stamps do not include a year on hood hinges.

$75 for the set

NOS 1969 Drivers Side Quarter Panel

Early original red oxide Ford drivers side quarter panel. Complete and untouched. Correct for 1969 Mustang, Shelby and Boss 429. No reproduction made today fits or is made the same way. A must have for a concours restoration. Call for pricing and additional photos

Nodular Rear Cases

Clean, unpitted, undamaged original nodular rear end cases used in high performance 9 inch rear end applications.

$600 each

1969 and 1970 Shock Tower Supports

Original rust free Arizona shock tower supports for 1969 and 1970. Click on image for full list of available date codes.

$40 per support

NOS 1969 and 1970 Boss 302 Stripe Kit

NOS 1969 and 1970 Boss 302 stripe kit. In original Ford packages, these are the real stripes with the correct reflective tape. Only one available of the 69 and 70 kits.

$350 for either set.

Pinion Snubber Brackets

Original rust free and unpitted snubber brackets.

68-73 Version, $100 each
67/68 Version
$350 each

1969 and 1970 Headlight buckets

Original 1969 and 1970 headlight bucket assemblies. Several to choose from and all with the lower mounting tabs intact. Also have some with the tabs broken off for a bargain.

$250 each

Daytona Pinion Supports

Original cast iron C5 version pinion support. These were used from 1965 to 1970 and replaced by a D1 version. Difficult to find these early versions. Date codes are in a day/month format.....several dates available.

$200 each

Front License Plate Brackets

Original assembly line front license plate brackets. Two versions of this bracket exist (early and late) and each has a date code in a day/month format. A great piece to finish any restoration as the service replacements and the reproductions don't have the same details. Various date codes and condition available.

$200 each

Hood Lip Mouldings

Original, or NOS, hood lip mouldings that have been restored and straightened (if needed) and bright dip anodized so they are now ready to be installed. Many of the current NOS mouldings today are scuffed from being in wrapped plastic in many ways these are better than NOS. And reproductions do not look and fit the same. A must have for the high end restoration. 69 and 70 versions available.

$450 each

1969 and 1970 License Plate lights

Original restored and replated 1969 and 1970 Mustang and Cougar rear license plate lamps. Note that the Mustang and Cougar lights are not the same. Mustang would be marked with a SAE-L 69-MG and the Cougar lights are marked SAE-L 69-CR. Looks almost the same but fit different.

$150 per light

1968 Torino Ford dealer poster

Very rare original poster from Ford to promote the wins they had at Riverside in 1968. No reproduction exists of this. One of a kind. Measures 42 x 57 inches.


1972 Ford Achievement Award

These achievment awards were given to select dealers each year that had shown outsrtanding service or sales and customer service. Great piece of wall art.